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 Kalvedalsveien 15-17, Troms°

Kalvedalsveien 15-17, Troms° ( Kalvedalsveien 15-17, Troms°)
Address: Kalvedalsveien 15-17, Kval°ysletta
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Architect: 70░ N arkitekter as
Client: Entrepreneur Jan O. Johnsen
Construction System /
Woodwork; concrete; glass
Building Type: Residential
Keywords: residence, woodwork, cast-in-place concrete, glass, villa
Year of Construction: 2002-2003
These three vertically divided residential houses are located on the island Kval°ya, approximately 6-7 kilometres from Troms°'s town centre. They are located on a plain on the upper part of Kval°ya, on the edge of the forest - with a panoramic view of the Sandnes Sound and Troms° Island. The terrain is steep and the structures are situated on the edge of a steep slope, while the mountainside gradually extends upwards behind them. The buildings in the surrounding area are mainly villa residencies, built in the 1990s and more recently.

The three blocks are rectangular and two-storied. The main floor with the entrance, living room and kitchen is on the upper storey. The top entrance overlooks the quiet dead-end street Kalvedalsveien. The buildings are constructed of cast-in-place concrete with narrow horizontal panelling and glass on the fašades. All of the blocks have flat roofs and are pained grey, some have roof terraces.

Glass on the second storey of the fašade, facing towards the Sandnes Sound, allows in light, creating an open fašade.
Publisher: The University of Troms°, 13.12.2005
Author: A.I; H.S
Photographer: T.A 2005

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