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 Strømsør i Bardu

Strømsør i Bardu ( Strømsør in Bardu)
Address: Østerdalen in Bardu
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Client: Erik Simonsen
Construction System /
Woodwork; timber; cogging joint method
Building Type: Farm
Keywords: farm, woodwork, timber, cog joint construction, yard, farmhouse, outbuilding, barn, forge, cowshed
Year of Construction: 1860-1900
Strømsør is situated like a clearing in the woods on a hillside, within a densely birch wooded forest. The terrain is sloping, somewhat undulating and south facing. It appears that the farm and the courtyard were erected here because this is where the snow melted first in the springtime. This yard is located roughly 285 metres above sea level, on a ridge that is situated on a gently sloping hillside. The original and the restored buildings which stand today include a farmhouse, larder, forge, storehouse on pillars and cowshed with a hay loft, which is connected to a stable with a hay barn and woodshed.

Østerdalen, where Strømsør is located, is a neighbouring valley to Bardudalen (the Bardu Valley) and runs in a south eastern direction - from the agricultural town of Bardu to the mountainous areas in the Indre Troms region. Østerdalen is a somewhat narrow valley. There is a steep ravine where the Bardu River (before it gathers strength and rumbles to the bottom) partially widens and birch wooded knolls and hillsides appear. The farm was renovated in the last half of the 19th century by settlers from the south eastern region of Norway (Østlandet). In terms of climate, the farm is situated in an unfavourable area for farming. The residents of Østerdalen established their farms here after all land in Bardudalen (the Bardu Valley) was allotted. Altogether there are four individual farms in Østerdalen, which is 15 kilometres in length. Therefore the neighbours living here were separated by great distances.

Strømsør was declared listed in 1997. This photograph shows the farmhouse after it was renovated.
Literature: Hage, Ingebjørg: Freda anlegg i Nord-Norge, in Årbok for Foreningen til norske Fortidsminnesmerkers Bevaring 1989, pp.111-140
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 11.11.2005
Author: I.H; T.A
Photographer: M.L.N 2004; I.H

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