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 Hytte på Hersøya

Hytte på Hersøya ( Cottage on Hersøya)
Address: Hersøya, Karlsøy
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Architect: Sigurd Hamran, arkitekt MNAL NPA
Client: Nina Hesselberg; Georges Midré
Construction System /
Building Type: Cottage
Keywords: cottage, wodwork, climate adaptation, shed roof
Year of Construction: 1992
This cottage is situated on the northernmost point of Hersøya in the Karlsøy Municipality. It is only accessible by boat. It is situated a short distance above the edge of the sea, with a north facing view of the open ocean. The cottage was erected in 1992 and was designed by architect Sigurd Hamran from Tromsø. It was designed taking into consideration the harsh climate. Climatic adjustments were therefore made to accommodate for the building's location and volume structure.

The building is located on a slope and "turns its back on" the cold winds from the northwest - at the same time it takes into account the view and the nice changes in light, which are also in this direction. It is a one-storied cottage, clad with horizontal panelling, sod and has a shed roof. Near the edge of the sea there is an area that is cleared for a boat landing with a short stone walkway. In recent years, a boathouse with a sauna was added.
Literature: Byggekunst 7/1995, pp. 428-429.
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Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 08.11.2005
Author: H.S
Photographer: I.H 2006

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