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 Hammerfest folkebibliotek

Hammerfest folkebibliotek ( Hammerfest Public Library)
Address: Sjøgata 4, Hammerfest
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Architect: FAK Fossland arkitekter AS
Client: Hammerfest Municipality
Construction System /
Concrete; brick
Building Type: Library
Keywords: library, concrete, brick, warehouse, column, gable roof, stairwell
Year of Construction: 1992
The Hammerfest Public Library is centrally located in the town centre, in the harbour area. It is a warehouse/storehouse from the reconstruction period, shortly after WWII, that was given new life in 1992. At this time it was renovated, upgraded and annexed; everything was executed by FAK Fossland arkitekter. Two other characteristic warehouses from the reconstruction are located in the same row as the library warehouse. The original appearance of these warehouses is still preserved. During the reconstruction of the library, the old warehouse was supplemented with modern materials and given a form of expression typical of the period.

The building is three-storied in addition to a loft. It is situated with the gable facing the sea, such as most warehouses do, but the dormers along with the doorways are replaced with a vertical field of windows. The first storey wall is recessed and four weight bearing columns form an arcade that faces the harbour basin. Yellow brick covers the building and it is capped with a slate covered saddle roof. The new volumes that were added to the older southern building were - an annex with glass walls and sloping roof that faces the quay, stairwell, lift shaft and an entrance facing the street Sjøgata.
Literature: Norske folkebibliotekbygninger 1990-2000, Oslo 2001, pp. 16-17
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 19.08.2005
Author: H.S
Photographer: Jiri Havran; I.H 1983

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