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 Balsfjord kirke

Balsfjord kirke ( Balsfjord Church)
Address: Tennes
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Architect: Christian Heinrich Grosch
Client: Balsfjord Parish
Construction System /
Cogging joint method; woodwork
Building Type: Church
Keywords: church, cog joint construction, woodwork, neo-gothic, steeple, spire, turnbuckle
Year of Construction: 1854-1856
The Balsfjord Church is located in Tennes on the west side of Balsfjord. This white painted church is situated on a knoll and is easily visible from many areas around the fjord. The church was consecrated in 1856, and was designed by Christian Heinrich Grosch (1801-1865). He was a renown architect during the 19th century and designed many churches around Northern Norway. Some of his projects include the Tromsø Cathedral and the churches found in Nordreisa, Kistrand and Nesseby.

The church is a long church designed in the Late Gothic style. Situated towards the west is the steeple. The main entrance is located at the base of the steeple, while a narrower and shorter choir faces towards the east. The height of the nave is emphasised by the windows, which are each separated by pairs of turnbuckles. The stepped steeple, which is reminiscent of the stepping design used on stave churches, is crowned with a wooden steeple crown with a spire and weather vane. It is this unique steeple that bestows the church with a distinctive character. The tall and slender windows were installed in 1907 - the original windows were shorter and wider.
Literature: Hage, Ingebjørg: Grosch-kirker i Nord-Norge - lokale ønsker og sentral styring, pp.25-40, in Årbok for Foreningen til norske Fortidsminnesmerkers Bevaring 2001.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 19.08.2005
Author: I.H; T.A
Photographer: T.A 2005

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