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Niemenaikku ( Niemenaikku)
Address: Kvænangsbotn
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Architect: District architect of the Northern Troms County
Construction System /
Timber frame; cogging joint method; woodwork
Building Type: Reconstructed farm; residence; barn
Keywords: farm, reconstructon architecture, residence, barn, half-timbering, cog joint xonstruction, yard, woodwork, farmhouse, storage shed, secondary residence
Year of Construction: 1946-1953
The Niemenaikku Farm is located in Kvænangsbotn, at the innermost part of the fjord Kvænangen. The buildings are situated on a sandy plain that is encircled by cultivated farmland and a forest of fir trees, approximately 200 metres from the sea.

The structures on the yard include a farmhouse, barn, "bårstue" (secondary residence) and storage shed. The reconstructed structures are comprised of simple saddle roofed one or one and a half-storied buildings. Each structure has either a quadratic or rectangular shaped ground plan/form. In addition, these wooden houses are built either from cogging jointed timber or built with timber frame. The exteriors are clad with painted panelling and most have slate covered roofs.

As a farm rebuilt after war damage in 1944, Niemenaikku is quite unique considering there have been very few design changes made since the farm was erected. The buildings' size and form is typical of reconstructed farms found in the Northern Troms County. Compared to other reconstructed farms it is neither one of the smallest nor the largest. Niemenaikku was declared listed in 1995.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 04.08.2005
Author: E.J.I; T.A; H.S
Photographer: I.H 1999; I.R 1992

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