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Slettnes ( Slettnes)
Address: Jøkelfjord
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Architect: District architect of the Northern Troms County
Client: Henrik Sotnes
Construction System /
Cogging joint method; woodwork
Building Type: Reconstructed farm; residence; barn
Keywords: farm, reconstruction architecture, residence, cog joint construction, woodwork, yard, farm house, secondary residence, outbuilding, barn
Year of Construction: Initially in the 1950s
Slettnes is located on a north facing slope on the southern side of Jøkelfjorden. It has a magnificent view of the mountains to the north. The farm is situated on a sloping beach plain, which is a fertile strip of land located in between the sea and the mountains. The cultivated farmland is fenced in and encircled by a forest and the surrounding wilderness. A farmhouse, water well, "bårstua" (secondary residence) and outbuilding comprise the yard. The farm has two boathouses situated by the edge of the sea, while the summer cowshed is located at the point where the fields transition into the woods.

Below the main house lies the "bårstua" (secondary residence), a small rectangular building with a saddle roof. The "bårstua" was traditionally a house where the servants lived. During reconstruction, this was also the term used to describe the small houses that were constructed first. This building stands on the remaining foundation of the previous building, which was destroyed by fire in 1944, when the German troops left the area. Traces of an old garden can be seen alongside the building.

Slettnes was declared listed in 1994.
Literature: Hage, Ingebjørg: Slettnes i Jøkelfjord, Gjenreisingsgård i sjøsamisk område, Fotefar mot Nord, Tromsø (year unknown).
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 04.08.2005
Author: I.H; T.A; H.S
Photographer: M.L.N 2004; T.H 1994

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