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 Musikkonservatoriet og Tromsø kulturskole

Musikkonservatoriet og Tromsø kulturskole ( Tromsø University College, Department of Art)
Address: Krognessvegen 33, Tromsø
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Architect: Harry Gangvik MNAL; Eigill Hallset MNAL and Kolbrun Ragnarsdóttir FAÍ
Client: The Directorate of Public Construction and Property (Statsbygg)
Construction System /
Cast-in-place concrete; brick; glass; zinc
Building Type: School; educational
Keywords: school, educational building, cast-in-place concrete: brick, glass, zinc,
Year of Construction: 1983-85, 1996-97 and 2002
The Conservatory of Music is located on the southern end of Tromsø Island, approximately 3 kilometres from the Tromsø town centre, near NRK and the Tromsø Museum. The area is otherwise characterised by villa residences. The establishment has a horizontal, diverse and complex quality, this reflects the fact that it was built in different stages over a period of 20 years. The middle section with the main entrance and three wings constituted the first phase of construction. Here the main material used on the exterior is red brick. The second phase of construction included a wing in north. Here the main exterior material used is red brick and planes of glass. The Cultural School, annex in 2002, constituted the third and final phase of construction. This is a square volume which is annexed to the building in the south. Here the main material used on the exterior is wooden panelling and zinc sheeting.

The Conservatory of Music was established in 1971 as a private school. In 1979, the government took over responsibility for the institution and today the Conservatory is a part of the Tromsø University College. The first part of the complex was completed in 1985 and was designed by Harry Gangvik. Soon after it was filled to capacity and an annex was completed in 1997, designed by Egill Hallset and Kolbrun Ragnarsdóttir. In 2002, the complex was expanded towards the south, in order to house parts of the Tromsø Cultural School, also designed by Kolbrun Ragnarsdóttir.
Literature: Ferdigmelding 542/1997, Høgskolen i Tromsø, Avdeling for kunstfag, Musikkonservatoriet, Oslo 1997
Glass og Fasade 1/1998 pp. 20-25
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 28.06.2005
Author: H.S
Photographer: J.M.B 2003; Jiri Havran;T.A 2005

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