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 Karasjok kirke

Karasjok kirke ( Karasjok Church)
Address: Karasjok
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Architect: Østbye, Kleven, Almaas, arkitekter mnal
Construction System /
Woodwork; concrete
Building Type: Church; village hall
Keywords: church, woodwork, concrete, tent roof, ridge turret, vertical boarding, square plan
Year of Construction: 1974
The new Karasjok church is situated in a wooded brink above a riverbed near the old Karasjok church's premises. A new church was built because the increasing parish had outgrown the old church from 1807. The new church was designed by Østbye, Kleven and Almaas and was completed in 1974. The end result was a church centre gathering both the parish's administrative and social functions under one roof - a solution that had become common after World War II.

The ground plan is roughly rectangular and all the rooms on the ground level are consolidated under one roof. A low pitched tent roof unites with a large ridge turret that has a skylight. The building is clad with vertical panelling. Towards the southeast and southwest the roof approaches the ground, while it is elevated towards the northeast and northwest. This reflects what is found inside the building. The parish's assembly room, sitting room, offices and sacristy are located towards the southeast/southwest. Towards the northeast/northwest lies the actual sanctuary room.
Literature: Byggekunst 6/1977 p. 166
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 20.05.2005
Author: H.S
Photographer: Jiri Havran; I.H 1991

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