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 Universitetet i Troms°, EntrÚparsellen

Universitetet i Troms°, EntrÚparsellen ( University of Troms°, Entrance Way)
Address: University Campus in Breivika, Troms°
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Architect: John Kristoffersen Arkitektkontor AS
Client: Statens Bygge- and Eiendomsdirektorat, Stiftelsen Nordlys Planetarium
Construction System /
Cast-in-place concrete; laminated wood; woodwork; glass
Building Type: Educational facility; office; planetarium
Keywords: educational building, office, planetarium, cast-in-place concrete, laminated wood, woodwork, glass, administration building, university,
Year of Construction: 1985-1989
The university campus in Breivika is situated approximately 3 kilometres north of the Troms° town centre. The Administration building and the Nordlys Planetarium constitute the entrance way to the campus for those arriving from the south. These buildings border a grassy plateau, which is encircled by a forested, undulating terrain. The Nordlys Planetarium lies to the east of the entrance way - easily visible from the thoroughfare street that is used by Troms°'s public transportation - Hansine Hansensveg. The Administration building is transversely situated in relation to the street. Looking at the campus from the south, only the Administration building can be seen. However looking at the campus from the north, the entire campus comes into view. One sees the Administration building at the upper end, acting as a southern boundary.

These two buildings have different functions. The Administration building houses primarily offices for the university's management and administrative departments. Before the new Theoretical Subjects building was opened in 2004, the Administration building also housed a canteen and student offices. The Nordlys Planetarium was erected as a public planetarium. It had a functioning program that demanded a number of different requirements from the building. Today however, the planetarium is no longer in operation. The building was overtaken by the Northern Norwegian Science Centre.
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Publisher: The University of Troms°, 30.12.2004
Author: H.S; I.H
Photographer: H.S 2004; J.M.B 2003; T.A 2005

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