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 Generalhagen og musikkpaviljongen i Harstad

Generalhagen og musikkpaviljongen i Harstad ( Generalhagen and Music Pavilion in Harstad)
Address: Generalhagen, Harstad
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Architect: Hindhamar, Sundt, Thommasen AS MNLA
Client: Harstad Municipality
Construction System /
Building Type: Park; music pavilion
Keywords: woodwork, music pavillion, park
Year of Construction: Public park from 1945, renovation of park 1986-1987, pavilion 1913
The park Generalhagen, which is one of Harstad's two town parks, extends over two district blocks between the streets Hans Egdes gate and Storgata - today it is a large half acre green area. The park site is situated on a gradual incline, raised from the street level and bordered by noise barriers. Therefore it has a withdrawn quality, yet at the same time a great view of the pulsating town life below. Originally this was the general's private garden, built by the defence for the commander of the 6th division. In 1942 the general's residence burnt down, and after the war the garden was converted into a public park.

In the middle of the 1980s the park underwent a vast renovation and extension. At this time many elements were added such as an amphitheatre, fountains, playground, stairways and landscaping. In addition to, statues of both the general major C.R. Fleischer and music lieutenant Alfred Evensen, as well as a UN-memorial and a children's monument. Bushes of different varieties decorate the park, and the old existing trees were preserved. Cobble stones in grey and brown colours cover the walking areas, which also corresponds to the colour of the pavilion. The park forms an area for outdoor concerts and public festivities, such as the annual opening for the festival.
Literature: Eidnes, Asbjørn, Harstad 75 år, 1903-1978, Harstad 1978.
Brun, Ola, "Generalhagen gjennom tidene", Harstad Tidende 04.08.2001.
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Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 30.12.2004
Author: H.Su
Photographer: K.J.A 2004; H.S 2004

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