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 Kulturhuset i Tromsø

Kulturhuset i Tromsø ( Cultural Centre in Tromsø)
Address: Grønnegata 87, Tromsø
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Architect: John Kristoffersen Arkitektkontor; Eigill Hallset MNAL
Client: K/S Tromsø Kulturhus A/S & CO
Construction System /
Cast-in-place concrete; brick; sheeting
Building Type: Village hall; theatre; concert hall; café
Keywords: theatre, cultural centre, concert hall, cafe, cast-in-place concrete, brick, metal roofing, glass
Year of Construction: 1981-1984
The cultural centre is located adjacent to the public town square - at the heart of the town centre. A large glass wall on the northern-side faces the town square and gives visual contact to the inner harbour. Following the interior staircase, the glass wall wraps around the bevelled corner of the building, towards the street Grønnegata. Here the building continues with a closed red brick façade, where the bricks are organised in an apparent pattern. The roof has a somewhat plastic design, which stands in contrast to the main volume. A vault and details in the roof give associations to the buildings in the surrounding area.

The building houses both a large and a small theatre hall, a café, along with a production studio and a room for hire. All of these are organised among multiple stories. The large hall is a combined concert and theatre hall that seats 620 people, divided among the amphitheatre and the gallery. A portable podium provides flexible solutions for different layouts and interaction between the performer and the audience. A technical gallery emphasises the importance of the light rigging for the artistic scenery equipment. In this respect it acts as a narrative element of the room. The width of the small stage's amphitheatre can be benched to seat 190 people, for meetings, performances and music concerts.

Concrete is the main material used on the interior, where the formwork has been used to characterise and emphasise the direction of the room sequence in the building. The relief pattern also has an acoustical effect. The walls have been treated with a transparent coating made of beeswax, in various colour tones, and follow the visible pattern in the concrete. Birch wood has been used in the parquet floor, doors, dressing rooms and other equipment as well. Rose coloured marble from Fauske has been used in the floor of the vestibule.

The artistic decoration of the public stairway was carried out by the artist Marit Bockelie (mosaic) and Anne Berit Nedland (group of sculptures).
Literature: Byggekunst 3/1985, pp. 141-145.
Byggekunst 4/5/1986, p. 268.
Prizes /
Northern Norwegian Architecture Prize 1985
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 30.12.2004
Author: I.H; P.A.B
Photographer: J.M.B 2003

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