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 Storgata 73

Storgata 73 ( Storgata 73 (street address) Mack Estate)
Address: Storgata 73, Tromsø
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Architect: Master brick layer Theodor Amundsen
Client: Entrepreneur Arthur Mack
Construction System /
Masonry; brick; plaster
Building Type: Shop; residence; restaurant
Keywords: shop, residence, restaurant, masonry, plaster, art nouveau, oriel, mansard roof, dentil band,
Year of Construction: 1912
The Mack Estate is located in the most central area of the town centre, on the east-side of the street Storgata where it is a pedestrian area, between the WiTo corner and the town square. Old wooden buildings and commercial buildings from the 1960s and 1970s dominate this section of town.

The Mack Estate is one of the few Jugendstil buildings in the town centre. It was built when the obligation to build in brick or stone was established. It is a three-storied building with a lofted storey.

The rectangular shaped, noble façade is designed in a symmetric style. A convex bay emerges from the mid-point of the building and extends from the second to the third-storey. Located above the bay is an arched gable with a centrally situated oval window. The gable is fielded in with a steep mansard roof. A band with tooth-like incisions runs below the cornice and marks the termination of the façade near the roof.

A row of large storefront windows are located on the ground floor. Both the nicely designed doors and the windows are capped with arches. The corners and spaces between the windows are adorned with artificial ashlars made of plaster. This provides the tall building with a solid base.
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Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 28.12.2004
Author: S-M.L; T.A; I.H
Photographer: I.H 1989; T.A 2005

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