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Glomen ( Glomen)
Address: Glomfjord
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Architect: Morgenstierne and Eide
Client: Glomfjords Aktieselskap
Building Type: Town development plan; buildings
Keywords: town plan, residence,
Year of Construction: 1916-1930
The company Glomfjords Aktieselskab developed ambitious plans for the new town by the fjord Glomfjord. By the autumn of 1916 one could find proposals in the newspapers with descriptions and drawings, "A new Norwegian town of 6,000 people", "The prospective town by the fjord Glomfjord." The city complex was intended for 6,000 people, or "2,000 workers with families, in addition to business people and others, who will be necessary at this place." According to the plan, the factory was going to be situated in Haugvik and the rest of the buildings in Glomen. One assumed that the factory would be bothersome for the residents of the town. The town plan map shows that this new town included the steep sloping area Glomen - bordered by the sea towards the south, Renviksåga in the west, Lille Glomvann and Næverdalsåga in the north, and towards the east, the rising hillside towards the mountain Reben. Glomen is situated south facing towards the fjord, almost like an amphitheatre. In the plan, the partially steep town area was divided into two by the river Dalåga. Located at the lowest point down by the sea, were the functions of the town centre. Other public functions were situated in the central section, while the majority of the residences were located at the highest point of the plan area.
Literature: Hage, Ingebjørg: "Glomfjord - idealbyen rundt 1920" in Karlsøy og verden utenfor. Kulturhistoriske perspektiver på nordnorske steder. Tromsø museums skrifter XXX, Tromsø 2003, pp. 208-231.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 14.12.2004
Author: I.H
Photographer: I.H 2003

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