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 Boliger på Hylla

Boliger på Hylla ( Residences at Hylla)
Address: Glomen, Glomfjord
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Architect: Carl Thune-Larsen
Client: Glomfjords Aktieselskap
Construction System /
Woodwork; framework; cement brick
Building Type: Residence
Keywords: residence, woodwork, framwork, cement block, villa, masard roof, shed dormer,
Year of Construction: 1920
The town development plan from 1916 was only partially carried out, when financial problems made the magnificent plans impossible to realize. Yet still today one can see elements at this site, which are based upon the town development plan formulated by the architects Morgenstierne & Eide. Consider for example the official's residence at Hylla, which was built in 1920. There are three houses, two of them are alike, and they are all vertically divided with two residences in each house. They were designed by the architect Carl Thune-Larsen in 1917 and 1918. The two one-and-a-half-storied wooden houses have a framework construction and a slight flare on the lower part of the mansard. In addition there are windows in the lower part of the mansard.
Literature: Hage, Ingebjørg: "Glomfjord - idealbyen rundt 1920" in Karlsøy og verden utenfor. Kulturhistoriske perspektiver på nordnorske steder. Tromsø museums skrifter XXX, Tromsø 2003, pp. 208-231.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 14.12.2004
Author: I.H
Photographer: I.H 2003

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