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 Strandgata 15

Strandgata 15 (Schjeldrups fargehandel) ( Strandgata 15 (street address) (Schjeldrups Paint Shop))
Address: Strandgata 15, Harstad
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Architect: Sigurd Bjørhovde
Client: Paint dealer H. Schjeldrup Hansen
Construction System /
Building Type: Business premises
Keywords: business premises, brickwork, art nouveau, neo-baroque, neo-rococo
Year of Construction: 1916-1917
In 1916 alongside the street Strandgata, a building was erected for the paint dealer Schjeldrup. It is located at the intersection of the streets Strandgata and Sverres gate, in the Harstad town centre. The building is situated on a steep terrain and the buildings in the surrounding area are diverse. They are comprised of both older wooden- and brick-buildings and newer office buildings made of concrete.

Sigurd Schjeldrup (1888-1959) was the architect who designed this building. Schjeldrup designed many central buildings in Harstad during the period between WWI and WWII. It is a two-storied building with a pedestal storey downwards facing the street Strandgata, and has a loft. The entrance to the shop premises is situated on the bevelled corner which is lavishly decorated on each storey. Above the entrance is a bay window which runs over both stories and terminates with a dormer. The building has imitation ashlars on the pedestal, while the remaining parts of the façade are smoothly plastered with cornices and oval and rhombus-shaped decorative elements made of plaster. Stylistically the building is composite and has features from Jugendstil, Neo-Rococo and Neo-Baroque. Consider for example the dormer which has features from the Rococo style with its seemingly swaying roof termination, while the oval window is characteristic of Jugendstil.
Literature: Steinnes, Kristian, Ved egne krefter - Harstads historie 1904-2004, Harstad 2003, chap. 3, "Sentrum blir til."
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 07.12.2004
Author: H.S
Photographer: T.A; H.S 2004

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