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 Fylkesboliger, Øvre Åsgård

Fylkesboliger, Øvre Åsgård ( County Flats, Øvre Åsgård)
Address: Brinkveien 10-44, Tromsø
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Architect: John Kristoffersen Arkitektkontor AS
Client: Troms Municipality
Construction System /
Concrete; woodwork; stone slabs
Building Type: Residential; low-rise block
Keywords: residence, low-rise building, concrete, woodwork, stone imitation sheets
Year of Construction: 1973-1975
Øvre Asgård is located one and a half kilometers west of Tromsø's town centre. The complex consists of 5 low-rise blocks with flats and one-roomed flats. The blocks are arranged into three rows. The main façade faces towards the west, with a stunning view of Sandnessund and the Kvaløya Island. The premises are situated near a forest and the island's greenbelt, which offers accessible trails for walking and skiing. All of the blocks are three-storied, have flat roofs and an exterior clad with wooden panelling and stone slabs. Suspended balconies and steel chimney pipes bestow the complex with a characteristic appearance.

The construction boom of high-rise blocks during the 50s and 60s was met with criticism. This was partially because the residents' concerns were often not attended to. In addition, construction of the high-rise blocks required the use of cranes, something that severely damaged the surrounding vegetation. Throughout the 70s, a combination of low-rise and compact low-rise block construction became more common. This was a result from attempts at combining the blocks' rational attributes with terrace house qualities.
Literature: Byggekunst 2/1979, pp. 110-111
Martens, Johan Ditlef, Århundrets norske boligprosjekter, Oslo 2000, pp. 216-217
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 03.12.2004
Author: T.A
Photographer: J.M.B 2003

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