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 De eldre militære bygningene i sentrum

De eldre militære bygningene i sentrum ( Old Military Buildings in the Town Centre (Barracks; BSIN; Villa for the commanding officer of the engineer battalion; Officers villa on the street Asbjørn Selsbanes gt; Officers villa on the street Hans Egedes gate))
Address: Storgaten 30, Asbjørn Selsbanes gate 16 og 23, Harstadgårdsveien 1, Hans Egedes gate 33
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Client: Ministry of Defence
Construction System /
Building Type: Barracks; office; gymnasium; studios
Keywords: woodwork, barracks, timber, vertical boarding, national romanticism, neo-baroque
Year of Construction: 1904-1943
The old military barracks are located in Harstad's town centre in the district between the streets 6th Divisjons gate and Sigurds gate, with the address Storgaten 30. The elongated façade follows the curve of the street Storgaten. Today the outdoor area on the backside of the building is used for parking spaces. The surrounding structures are a fusion of various types of buildings, ranging from a gas station to commercial buildings.

The barracks were completed in 1921 and are made of timber. It is a two-storied complex, and the exterior is clad with vertical panelling that is painted brown. The building appears to be divided into five sections, and follows the curve of the street Storgaten. The roof varies in relation to the different parts of the building, with a bevelled hipped roof in the central section, and a saddle roof with dormers on the sides. Painstakingly designed entrances face the street Storgaten on the central section, with a roofed flight of steps-/entrance, along with windows above - all with a National Romantic designed style with traces of the Neo Baroque style.

According to the drawings made by E. Alexandersen, the building was supposed to house 3 one family residencies and 2 duplexes, and these were intended for the officers. However, due to the miserable conditions of the soldiers/non-commissioned officers' housing, this building was converted into barracks for the soldiers.
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Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 07.12.2004
Author: T.A; I.H
Photographer: H.S; T.A 2004

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