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 Høgskolen i Harstad

Høgskolen i Harstad ( Harstad University College)
Address: Havnegata 5, Harstad
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Architect: PW Arkitekter AS
Client: Statsbygg (The Directorate of Public Construction and Property)
Construction System /
Concrete; brickwork; brick; glass
Building Type: Educational/research facility
Keywords: educational building, school, concrete, brickwork, brick, glass, ribbon-window
Year of Construction: Opened in 1995
The Harstad University College is located at Hamnneset in the town centre. The closest neighbouring building is the cultural centre which was erected a few years earlier than the university college. Beginning in the early part of the 20th century, Hamnneset was an area characterised by industry and transport, but near the end of the 1980s that era drew to a close. Through the building of the cultural centre and the university college Hamnneset was revitalised and provided the town with an open and accessible seaside façade.

There were a number of different existing buildings situated on the site of the university college, and the supporting structures and parts of these structures were reused in the new school. The main entrance is located on a concave glass façade that faces towards the east and the sea, and it is flanked by a wing on each side. The south wing is three-storied, covered with brick, and the third storey has a composite window band. Comprises the north wing is an older brick building which was incorporated into the new complex.
Literature: Bruun, Ola og Jim Myrstad, "Porten mot byen - Bylandskap Harstad 100 år 2004" in Harstad Tidende 04.01.02, pp. 28-29
Ferdigmelding 552/1998 Høgskolen i Harstad, Oslo 1998
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 01.12.2004
Author: H.S
Photographer: H.S; T.A 2004

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