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 Trondenes historiske senter

Trondenes historiske senter ( Trondenes Historical Centre)
Address: Trondenesveien 122, Harstad
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Architect: PW Arkitekter AS
Client: Trondenes Historical Centre
Construction System /
Concrete; woodwork
Building Type: Museum
Keywords: concrete, woodwork, museum, sod roof
Year of Construction: 1997
The Trondenes Historical Centre is located roughly 2.5 kilometres north of the Harstad town centre, near the Trondenes Church. The building was financed through the cooperation of public and private sources. The building is used by Sør-Troms Museum. It displays a permanent exhibition about the place Trondenes, throughout history, along with varying types of temporary exhibitions, both art- and cultural history exhibitions.

Due to the fact that the building was to be situated in a sheltered cultural landscape with many cultural monuments from different periods, and with the Trondenes Church as its nearest neighbour, it was designed with the cooperation of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and the department of the preservation of cultural monuments within the Troms County Council. The building appears low-rising in a sloping terrain, with its rear-side nearly buried in the ground. Its large sod covered roof also makes the building appear to become one with the landscape. On the seaside façade, which is pictured here, woodwork appears under the cornice and on the columns - which also creates a portico that faces the entrance. Both the sod and the woodwork allow the building's colours to blend in with the surrounding nature.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 01.12.2004
Author: H.S
Photographer: T.A; H.S 2004

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