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 Punkthuset på Sama

Punkthuset på Sama ( Tower Block on Sama)
Address: Skolegata 12, Harstad
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Architect: Jan Inge Hovig MNAL
Client: Harstad Housing Association (HABO)
Construction System /
Cast-in-place concrete
Building Type: Residential; block of flats; tower block
Keywords: block of flats, cast-in-place concrete
Year of Construction: 1957
This tower block which was designed by Jan Inge Hovig (1920-1977) is centrally situated in town, slightly south of the actual town centre. Together with the Harstad Church, it comprises the most important mark in the landscape in the town centre. The building has ten residential stories along with a pedestal and roof termination. It is the tallest building in Harstad. In the 1950s there was a major lack of housing and nearly all of the lots in Harstad were developed, apart from a small area which was called "Ramsundet." It was in this area that HABO wanted to erect blocks of flats, along with a tower block. During the 1950s, five to six blocks were built in this area with altogether 101 flats.

The construction of the tower block did not occur without protest. Firstly, neighbours complained that it would block out all of the sunlight. Secondly, it was pointed out that there was not an adequate recreational area in the vicinity to accommodate so many people.
Literature: Bruun, Ola og Jim Myrstad, "Punkthus - Bylandskap Harstad 100 år 2004" in Harstad Tidene 10.05.03 pp. 38-39
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Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 01.12.2004
Author: H.S
Photographer: H.S; T.A 2004

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